• Better, Faster, Stronger, For More People

    Sep 23, 2010

    While we hope you never noticed, RawScripts' screenwriting software uses a lot of cutting edge web technologies. We have to. It's how we can provide a user experience as good as any desktop application. But that meant that the service didn't work as well as we'd like in some older or less popular browsers.

    So, we're pleased to announce that today we're rolling out a better, faster, (identical looking) writing experience that'll work even if you've been putting off updating Firefox for three years. You can be sure that you'll get the same writing experience if you're writing at home, on your laptop or at work. And with improved performance, I've even been editing screenplays on my three year old netbook; something I've never been able to do with other screenwriting software.

    So, if you've been writing, just get back too it. And if you're running an old computer with old software, we've got you covered.